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Malton Farm Introduction

Situated in South Cambridgeshire, Malton Farm is an interesting example of a timber-framed house with a comprehensive history. Recent renovations exposed features rarely seen in houses of this type which helped clarify much of its past. Dating from the early to mid 15th century, Malton Farm has been through many phases of alteration and reconfiguration. Although no longer in use as such, Malton has spent the majority of its long history as a farm, mostly tenanted while owned by Christ’s College in Cambridge.

Malton Farm prior to any renovations         The dovecote  

Malton Farm prior to renovation work commencing.  The dovecote.

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Malton Farm's most significant claim to fame stems from Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII, who purchased the house in the early 16th century. On her death in 1509, she left the house and farm to Christ’s College which she had founded in 1505. Since then, much has been done to the house throughout the convening years, including several extensions and changes of use.

An early map circa 1900, of Malton Farm

Malton Farm is today associated with approximately 12.5 acres of land, a small part of the original farm land. Most of the land once farmed is now a golf course or has been absorbed by other local farms. Today, besides Malton Farm and the golf course, the village of Malton has an additional three cottages and a kennels and is part of the parish of Orwell.




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