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Renovations (External)

The Chimney

The chimney required very significant repair.


The main chimney serving the Dining Room and Drawing Room in need of repair


The main chimney following reconstruction


The Roof


The roof over the Study showing part of the old roof timbers


The Soft Wood Corner


The newer front corner built in soft wood before renovation


After renovation


The North West End

This part of the house was almost certainly built at the early part of the 16th century using Lady Margaret's endowment.  Although the facing wall is now brick clad, the wooden frame is exposed and consistent with the construction of most of the 16th century part of the house.

The NW end of the house showing earlier wooden frane prior to renovation

Rafters at the roof line

Rafters at the roof line on the opposite side of the chimney

After renovation and prior to applying plaster

The Single-Storey 19th Century Extension


Clay bat bricks of the low-level 19th Century extension


19th Century extension


After new windows were installed and brick reinforcement incorporated


The Second 15th Century House - Now our small sitting room

Some debate exists as to whether this is an original house on the site at the time Lady Margaret acquired the Manor in 1504/06 or whether this was part of the later 16th Century construction.


Possibly dating from the same time as the Study, ie early 15th Century, this part of the house was in a parlous state of repair


Significant damage to the sole plate of the upper storey due to removal of jetty and build up of clay bat wall beneath


Significant erosion of the upper timbers


General poor state shown here


The sole plate was supported during repairs


The roof gable prior to renovation


During renovation


After skillful repairs by craftsmen


Nearing completion


The finished work


Malton Farm Home


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