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Renovations (Front Elevation)

The most significant part of the renovation work was to repair and replace the outer covering of the main frame of the house, including major repairs to rotten timbers and replacement of all the plaster and lathe covering.


A carved panel hidden behind the cladding


Front upper storey frame


Older part of the upper storey


Upper part of front elevation of the original 15th Century house showing how the roofline was lifted when the larger roof was installed


Front elevation of the earlier 15th Century house


Front elevation


Front elevation


Front elevation


Front elevation


Front elevation


Front elevation


Front elevation


The sole plate removed, a new one is made and reinserted


The house is propped up on acrows while repairs are done


Repairs to the sole plate as seen from the inside


The new sole plate is constructed and put into place


After the new sole plate is installed


After repairs the new lathe is fixed - approximately 5 kilometers of it!


The front with new lathe


Front after lime plaster


The finished result


Survey Drawings:    Front Elevation  North West Elevation  East Wing - Note these are large .tif files

Renovations (Internal)


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